CoPAFS is a tool designed by University of Toronto Professor Michael Saini and Dr. Kline Pruett to efficiently assess the quality of coparenting relationships across family structures (married, separated, divorced, never married). Coparenting is conceptualized as a construct “decoupled” from gender role and family structure, referring to negotiated activities and relational aspects of two caregivers working together to raise a child. Based on research and clinical practice literature, the scale in its first iteration was examined for internal consistency as a 56-item scale which produced nine factors. ( It has since been honed into a short form 5-component scale of 27 items, including Respect, Trust, Valuing the other parent, Communication and Hostility. Additional validity information is described in an article currently under review.  

CoPAFS has been translated into five languages beyond English: Spanish, French, Mandarin, Hebrew, and Arabic. We are continuing to collect data about the utility and measurement quality of the scale.

  • Colleagues are invited to contact us if they wish to use the scale in their research.
  • Also, we invite all parents with children under 18 years of age to fill out the anonymous questionnaire.

To participate in the research, or to view our scale, please click Invitation to Participate in Survey.