Dr. Kline Pruett has maintained a clinical practice since 1991, in which she has treated individual adults and children, couples, and families. Dr. Kline Pruett currently works exclusively with couples, individuals focused on their parenting, or coparenting and managing life transitions occurring for all family members. She specializes in working with those considering or in the midst of separating and divorcing, remarrying, or figuring out how to coparent during these and other life transitions. She provides research/fact expert witness work for attorneys. She has skills in working on parenting plans for all age children, including those under the age of five years. Dr. Kline Pruett is especially interested in working with couples interested in divorcing cooperatively for the benefit of their children.

She also consults with organizations and Task Forces about group dynamics in the organization, Best Practice guidelines, or translational research for use in clinical or community practice.

One of Dr. Kline Pruett’s passions is making research more accessible through various curricular and continuing education training programs for professionals from various disciplines. She speaks nationally and internationally, provides training to mental health and legal professionals, and disseminates her work through media presentations and guest interviews across electronic and print mediums.  

Consulting Contracts:

Sidwell Friends Middle School
Tristar Pictures (child acting preparation)
Henry A. Luce Foundation, New York (Youth at Risk Division)
Norlien Foundation, Alberta Canada (renamed Palix)
Institute for the Advancement of the American Legal System, Honoring Families
Deschutes County, OR Circuit Court Informal Domestic Relations Trial Pilot Program
DPG Video
Sesame Workshop
Senior Consultant to OurFamilyWizard (current)
ParentLab (current)